Business Strategy

A long-term business strategy has allowed Urufarma to be one of the country's top pharmaceutical companies, producing export-quality products for the global market at competitive prices.

In Uruguay, a constant growth in sales over the years positions the company among the leaders of the domestic pharmaceutical market.

This growth in sales has had a direct impact in the market share, placing Urufarma at the forefront of the oral solid contraceptive market.

Urufarma's strategy of producing accessible export-quality products has been a key factor for the oral contraceptive market to duplicate its volume in the past few years.

Our mid-term objective is to continue working to attain certifications by the European Medicines Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.

Global market

One of Urufarma's goals is to continue producing quality pharmaceuticals for the global market. Through licensing-out agreements, we offer a great variety of hormonal products and oral solids without segregation that meet the highest quality standards. We are open to different business plans to reach new markets, either with our own brands or with the distributor's.

The ability to adapt to the dynamics of each market and a great flexibility to collaborate with other organizations are the foundations for reaching mutually beneficial trade agreements.

Our Business Development and Exports division is run by a team of experienced professionals with International Policy and logistics expertise who can efficiently introduce our products into international market.

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